Meet Dane

As a young professional, Dane is often asked why he chose to stay in Bennington. His answer is that he has found community — in the truest sense of the word.

As a representative, Dane will advocate in Montpelier for his neighbors in Bennington. He will use his experience in small business ownership, environmental action, and public service to make smart and fair policies for Bennington and Vermont.

A young man with brown hair and glasses wearing a blue button-down and tan jacket smiles at the camera.

While Dane is relatively young, he has already “worn many hats”. In 2012, he enrolled in the Center for the Advancement of Public Action at Bennington College. Dane studied global problems and local solutions, farm-to-plate food systems, as well as leadership and strategic planning. Outside of the classroom, Dane helped organize the Bennington Sustainable Food Project and student-operated Purple Carrot Farm. Leading up to his graduation, Dane gained a post-graduate fellowship working for the college’s efforts in environmental sustainability.

As an employee at Bennington College, Dane became immersed in construction project management. He worked with the facilities and planning team, learning the nuts and bolts that keep a campus going. He worked on energy efficiency projects to save money on heat and electricity bills while making buildings more environmentally friendly. Dane worked alongside union employees, learning the invaluable role of the trades and craftspeople. Dane also organized a Climate Resilience Committee, which organized leadership in the Bennington Community to address disaster preparedness in the face of climate change.

Dane Whitman

In April of 2018, Dane began exploring a career in Civil Engineering through employment at MSK Engineering. While observing construction practices during the PFOA Waterline Remediation Project, Dane advocated for the residents of Bennington and provided documentation of contractors’ activities. Through careful study of contract specifications, thorough reporting, and responsiveness to residents’ concerns, Dane gained a reputation for attention to detail and a diligent work ethic.

After exploring multiple careers, Dane took a leap of faith to pursue his dream of starting a business in landscaping and garden design. After having early successes, Dane became interested in the opportunities for workforce development in Vermont. 

Dane currently supports himself as a self-employed gardener and landscape designer. He uses his experience in environmental issues, construction administration, and community outreach to conduct a socially conscious business. When he isn’t operating Grey Oak Landscaping & Garden Design, LLC, Dane serves with the Shires Young Professionals Advisory Board, the Southwestern Vermont Regional Technical School Board, and as Chairman for the Bennington Town Democratic Party. Dane hopes to help create a Vermont where anybody and everybody can realize their full potential. 

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